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Eugene Martin Christiansen, Anthony N. Cabot, Beverly Zou

CHRISTIANSEN, Eugene Martin; CABOT, Anthony N.; ZOU, Beverly. A Model Casino Law for Japan. Journal of Gambling and Commercial Gaming Research, [S.l.], v. 1, may 2016. ISSN 2414-8989. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 30 aug. 2018.

Eugene Martin Christiansen, Christiansen Capital Advisors, LLC.

Schwartz, D. G., Christiansen, E. M. (2012). Financial Stability and Casino Debt. Gaming Law Review and Economics, 16(4), 193-205.
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What Governments Want from Gaming: The View from the Evaluators
K Copp, EM Christiansen - 2016 -
Abstract “What Governments Want from Gaming”–When gaming expands to a new jurisdiction, what does the jurisdiction expect or want from gaming within its borders? Jurisdictions often share similar expectations–economic development, revenues, jobs …

VLT Feasibility Consultant Analysis and Report Final Report - State of NJ
Sep 28, 2007 - The consulting team of Christiansen Capital Advisors, LLC (CCA) is pleased to submit a ...... Appendix B: Meadowlands VLT White Paper.

Rhode Island Gaming and State Revenue ... - Department of Revenue
Oct 31, 2017 - Christiansen Capital Advisors, LLC (CCA) has been retained by the State of Rhode Island. Department of Revenue (DOR) to update its ...

Gambling and the American economy
EM Christiansen - The Annals of the American Academy of …, 1998 -
Some form of commercial gambling is legal in almost every state of the Union, reflecting substantial consumer demand for these activities. Yet gambling is regarded by policymakers, the media, and the public as an industry that is different and not subject to the …

Gaming and entertainment: An imperfect union?
EM Christiansen… - Cornell Hospitality …, 1995 -
By adding family entertainment to its table and machine games, Las Vegas has created a new concept of gaming packaged in destination entertainment. Some of the projects so packaged have been successful, while others are misconceived and are performing below

Tourist destination resorts, market structures, and tax environments for casino industries: an examination of the global experience of casino resort development
WR Eadington, EM Christiansen - Proceedings of the Annual Conference on …, 2007 - JSTOR
MOST PEOPLE BELIEVE THEY KNOW WHAT A “casino” is, but casinos are not all alike. There is an important distinction between casinos that cater to people who live within close driving range of the facility, offering table and machine games and nothing else (which we

A Tale of Two Cities: Las Vegas and Atlantic City
AN Cabot, EM Christiansen, B Zou - Gaming Law Review and …, 2016 -
Beaten at the ballot box, the League turned its attention to the state legislature. Newspaper editorials throughout the state proclaimed the evils of gaming and urged the adoption of anti-gaming legislation. 4 The local Reno newspaper reported that the voters in the next election …

The nature of games
EM Christiansen… - Cornell Hospitality …, 1995 -
Games are a form of play that is an organized activity defined by rules. In a study of their nature and genesis, Roger Caillois classified games according to categories defined by 4 qualities: competition, chance, simulation or mimicry and vertigo or disorder. A …

Entertainment goes commercial
EM Christiansen… - Cornell Hospitality …, 1995 -
Entertainment has been defined by Harold Vogel, the author of the definitive study of its economics. as "activities that people enjoy and look forward to doing" (Entertainment Industry Economics, 2d. edition (Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 1990), p. XIV). Unlike …

The Paramount prototype
EM Christiansen… - Cornell Hospitality …, 1995 -
Following the development of motion pictures, WW Hodkinson created Paramount Pictures, a national motion picture distribution company. Paramount became the blueprint for the movie business' mature structural form, and in its vertical integration, that of all entertainment

Sports Betting in the United States: A Franchise up for Grabs
EM Christiansen - Int'l Legal Prac., 1990 - HeinOnline
Sports betting is the last frontier of commercial gambling in the United States. To put that frontier into perspective, 43 of the 50 States allow pari-mutuels, 33 operate lotteries, 45 allow bingo or charitable games, ten allow card rooms, and five allow slot machines. Two States …

The business of risk: Commercial gambling in mainstream America
V Abt, JF Smith, EM Christiansen - 1985 -
This book offers a sociological model for evaluating the differential impact of each of the 
major commercial games (State lotteries, casinos, and parimutual betting) on the individual 
and on society. In approaching these games from the perspective of the public interest, the …